PayPal’s crypto services are officially available for use. US PayPal users will now be available to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency assets securely through the payments network.

PayPal’s Crypto Trading Services Officially Launch in the United States, Driving Bitcoin’s Price Past 16K

The crypto services will be available in all states, except for Hawaii. The financial service provider will feature Bitcoin, Ethereum, CoinMarketCap, as market bulls have responded optimistically to PayPal’s crypto asset integration.

The mainstream cryptocurrency has been performing bullishly this month, although it has been consolidating below $16K for awhile. Bitcoin’s rally has been exciting for investors, as it even managed to push past the $16K mark momentarily. The last time Bitcoin’s price surged past that range was in January 2018. 

In response to the news, Bitcoin bulls have tweeted their enthusiasm. Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss said, “What I like most about hitting $16K #bitcoin is that it’s been a steady climb. No heroics, just grinding day in and day out.”

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