Mexican Billionaire Reveals He Put 10% of His Portfolio in Bitcoin

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It’s totally fair to say that the institutional investors are finally entering the Bitcoin and crypto-asset markets.

Bitcoin has seen a strong rally over the past few weeks and months. In the past month alone, the cryptocurrency has gained 50%. It has become increasingly clear that this rally has been driven by the entrance of so-called “smart money,” or capital from institutional players and billionaires.

It was just revealed that a Mexican billionaire deployed a large portion of his assets into Bitcoin.

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Mexican Billionaire Goes Long on Bitcoin

As first spotted in the community by David Puell, a prominent on-chain Bitcoin analyst, the third-richest man in Mexico just revealed he owns a large amount of Bitcoin. The individual, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, purportedly put 10% of his liquid investment portfolio into the cryptocurrency because he sees it as a hedge against government encroachment:

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He has a net worth of $13 billion, though it’s unclear what his investment portfolio is like due to the likely illiquidity in some of his assets (equity, real estate, etc.). Though, even assuming that only 10% of his fortune is held in liquid investments, that means he put at least $100 million into Bitcoin. He clarified in another Twitter comment:

“Dan, I love your newsletter (to which I subscribe) Here some clarifications on my post: 10 % of “liquid portfolio” in BTC…not of my net worth! The other 90% is in precious metals miners. For me it’s no “stampede”, started with Grayscale at 800 dlls BTC in 2016. Ricardo S.”

Salinas Pliego is the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies with interests in telecommunications, media, financial services, and retail stores.

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Far from the Only Billionaire Buyer

He is far from the only billionaire buyer involved in Bitcoin.

Stanley Druckenmiller last week announced that he has a stake in Bitcoin. He said that the cryptocurrency could perform even better than gold moving forward, referencing the asset’s ability to act as a store hold of wealth due to scarcity and its attraction to millennials and tech-minded individuals.

Druckenmiller is one of the world’s most well-respected asset managers.


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